Watermin Drillers Pty Limited are specialists in drilling water bores, repairing existing bores and pump testing bores. Owner, Max Jones, pioneered hard rock water bore drilling in Australia 49 years ago and moved to Orange 38 years ago. Watermin Drillers has been drilling continuously throughout NSW ever since.

During the past 49 years, Watermin has recorded a wealth of information consisting of more than 60,000 bores throughout Eastern Australia. Watermin’s wealth of knowledge and their huge purchasing power ensures that they can design and construct the most efficient water bore for the lowest overall cost.

Watermin Drillers is one of the largest water bore drilling contractors in the Eastern States. Watermin has been constructing water bores continuously for 49 years and has been operating longer than any other company in the business. Our experienced drilling staff are competent in all drilling operations and are licensed through the Drillers’ Licensing Board. Watermin Drillers is a foundation member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association and we guarantee our workmanship and all the materials used in the construction of our water bores.

We construct waterbores for subdivisions, vineyards, olive groves, domestic households, sporting clubs, schools, irrigators and for councils for town water supplies, as well as for rural land owners and livestock.

Prior to the commencement of any water bore drilling, one is required, by law, to apply for a licence. As one of our services Watermin can assist with arranging your licence.

We look forward to being of service to you and if you require any further information, or assistance to complete your bore licence application form, please do not hesitate to contact us on 6362 3366, toll free 1800 047 702. or by fax on 6362 3164 or via email on

Watermin Drillers Pty Ltd T: 02 6362 3366 Toll free: 1800 047 702
F: 02 6362 3164 E: waterbores@watermindrillers.com.au