• Scientist’s claim that at any given time less than 3% of the world’s fresh water, available for man to use, is surface water. The remaining 97% is underground water.
  • Watermin Drillers Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company;
  • Watermin Drillers has a fleet of drilling rigs working 7 days a week in various locations throughout NSW;
  • Watermin Drillers Pty Ltd are specialists in drilling water bores, cleaning and repairing existing bores and pump testing bores;
  • Watermin Drillers has 45+ years experience, giving you professional, reliable service; design & construction of water bores at realistic and competitive rates;
  • Watermin Drillers offer a complete service – from the initial site selection to design and construction of the production bore and final pump testing, as required;
  • Watermin Drillers are continually constructing bores for subdivisions, vineyards, olive groves, irrigators, clubs, hospitals, schools, mining companies, piezometre holes, feedlots, local councils, town water supplies and rural land owners;
  • Underground water costs nothing to store; does not evaporate or become easily polluted, is not subject to local seasonal rainfall.
  • A licence is legally required before drilling can commence, but our friendly office staff will give any assistance required to assist you to obtain a licence.

Watermin Drillers Pty Ltd T: 02 6362 3366 Toll free: 1800 047 702
F: 02 6362 3164 E: waterbores@watermindrillers.com.au