Watermin Drillers offers a complete service for your waterbore, including:-


Prior to the commencement of any drilling, landowners are required, by law, to obtain a licence.  As one of our services, Watermin Drillers can assist with arranging your licence, but you are under no obligation whatsoever to proceed with any drilling.  This is a free service provided by Watermin Drillers.

Bore siting

On receipt of your land details and a map showing the location of your property, we can conduct a search of our records and endeavour to find other bores we may have constructed in your area to provide you with relevant information. We have access to all bore siting methods, from water diviners to Hydro-geological consultants. We can assist with the bore siting methods of YOUR choice. Our experienced Rig Managers are also available to inspect your property to give advice and answer any questions prior to drilling.

Bore construction

Watermin Drillers are capable of constructing bores for subdivisions, vineyards, olive groves, domestic households, sporting clubs, schools, irrigators and councils for town water supplies, as well as rural land owners. We operate several types of drilling rigs with high pressure air compressors that are capable of drilling through any formation, from sandy gravels to the hardest granite in order to obtain a water supply for you.

Test bore drilling

Watermin Drillers drill a test hole to determine the feasibility of your bore including the depths and flow rates of the aquifers intercepted.

Production bore construction

Once the test bore drilling is complete, our drillers will be able to design the most efficient design and determine the type and size of casing, screens, filter gravel and any other materials required to give you a water bore that will give you years of trouble free service. Our production bores are constructed superior to the Australian Standard for the Construction of Water Bores. Once your production bore has been completed, our Rig Managers and/or our office staff, will be able to give you advice on the appropriate pumping equipment to equip your bore.

Pump testing

Watermin Drillers can also carry out pumping tests on your bore to determine the long term pumping capacity. These pumping tests can be carried out on any bore, wether for irrigation, or stock & domestic use. This is also a good idea if you have purchased a property with an existing bore, but have not been given any details of the bore.

Bore repairs

Watermin Drillers can also carry out repairs on existing bores as well as cleaning out existing bores. We have a down-the-hole camera which can be utilised to determine the cause of a problem existing inside the bore, therefore enabling our Rig Manager to determine the best course of action to rectify the problem.


Watermin Drillers are fully covered by $20,000,000.00 Public Liability, Comprehensive and Workers Compensation Insurance, for your peace of mind.

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