Underground water is a valuable resource, and with 97% of the world’s fresh water underground, a professionally constructed waterbore can provide access to a reliable water supply.

Watermin Drillers can boast 200 years of combined practical experience on tap. The company is 100% Australian owned and although based in Orange, travels to most areas of the state to obtain underground water for those who need it. Watermin offers a complete service – from the initial site selection to design and construction of the production bore and final pump testing, as required.

Owner and Managing Director of Watermin Drillers, Max Jones, pioneered hard rock water bore drilling 49 years ago, and has been locating underground water ever since. Max has a fully trained team of experienced drillers with a fleet of rigs operating in most areas of N.S.W.

Watermin can organise every aspect of obtaining and utilizing underground water, whether they are drilling high yield, large diameter irrigation bores capable of producing over 200,000 GPH, or domestic bores to supply water to homes and gardens. Although a high proportion of the bores we construct are for primary producers, Watermin also drill bores for caravan parks, schools, sporting and social clubs and for local councils for town water supplies.

Watermin Drillers is a foundation member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association and each of our Rig Managers is fully qualified and licensed for the construction of water bores, ensuring that each individual client receives qualified, personalised attention for his or her particular requirement. Watermin’s staff will happily give obligation free advice and assistance with all aspects of water bore construction, including the necessary legal requirements of land owners.

During the past 49 years, Watermin has recorded a wealth of information totalling 3,700kms of bore hole drilling through all formations and consisting of more than 60,000 bores throughout Australia.

Watermin’s wealth of knowledge and their huge purchasing power ensures that they can design and construct the most efficient water bore for the lowest overall cost.

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F: 02 6362 3164 E: waterbores@watermindrillers.com.au